Work from home jobs Delhi: You can earn up to ₹10000 a day (My personal secret how I do it every day)

Nowadays finding a job is a challenging thing to do in our regular life and in this covid situation it has become a lot difficult. However, finding a work from home jobs Delhi has become more accessible in a way.

I am not going to say Work From HomeJobs or Home-based jobs is effortless to do. It requires proper skills according to the job that you hire for. I am guessing you don’t want to invest any money to get a Work from home job. But to be honest with you, it takes a tiny bit of initial funds to start your Making money online journey. If you don’t invest in your business, you won’t earn anything from it.

Home-based jobs with some investment are a genuine offer for those who want to Work From Home Jobs Delhi and searching for suitable jobs all around India and want to earn their income online. This work-from-home job is updated on regular basis and they ensure it’s 100% safe and secure to make their users comfortable.

So, today the website that we will talk about to Work from home jobs in Delhi is New mobile Media. I know most of you guys don’t even hear about this website and don’t know what exactly do they do. That’s today I am here to discuss everything about this website briefly, so without any further due let’s get it started.

Work from home jobs Delhi You can earn up to ₹10000 a day (My personal secret how I do it every day)

What is New Mobile Media?

In one word New Mobile Media is one of the easiest ways to earn money online in India. New mobile media (NMM) is a subsidiary company of AT&T, the largest media company in the United States of America. NMM cooperates with tons of brands around the world. It helps Co-brand owners to promote and increase brand awareness.

When was New Mobile Media established ?

NMM was established in October 2010, officially commercialized in the United States, and has established strategic alliances with emerging internet media platforms such as Facebook.

But now New Mobile Media has officially entered India in August 2021 and set up branches and offices in California, Indonesia, Australia, Singapore, China, Japan, Switzerland, and many other places around the world.

How NMM can change your life?

I know you think it’s Impossible to earn ₹10,000 a day by Work from home jobs Delhi. So, let me tell you a story two months ago, my one friend Hitesh was working on a sales job, but one day he saw an Ad on Instagram about making money online. Like everyone else, he also thought it was fake and a scam; however, he clicked that link and got a what’s app number of a foreign lady. After that, he becomes an agent NMM company.

After when he said he became an agent, I said, please don’t do this kind of thing; they all are scams; don’t fall for them; they will take all your money. But he did not listen to me; he carried on as an Agent at NMM, and believe me now, I am happy that he did not listen to me. Because that decision changed his life, he was earning ₹12000 as a sales executive, but last month in October 2021, he made more than ₹1,50000 lakh, ₹5000 a day from Work from home jobs Delhi since November Hitesh has been earning more than ₹9000 a day.

New Mobile Media

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How can you earn ₹9000 a day by NMM?

The most valuable question is how can you earn ₹9000 a day by NMM Work from home jobs Delhi. So, let me tell you briefly; first, you have to go to the NMM website that I will give the link below and register yourself successfully to their website. You can register yourself there by your mobile number and Email Id; choose one and register.

First Rent NMM’s PD NO. 2 for ₹260, and believe me, this is the only time you have to invest money in this website. Don’t worry; they will refund this ₹260 deposit to your account after 3days. So, I am giving you an example of your first 3 days of earning; the daily income of intelligent devices is  ₹110 rupees; after 3 days, it will be ₹110 x 3 = ₹330 rupees. The newcomer’s experience reward is ₹40 x 3 = ₹120 rupees, So the total earning of 3 days is ₹330+₹120₹450 rupees.

But this ₹450 rupees is just a tip on an Iceberg compared to what’s waiting for you ahead. After that 3 days, I recommend not investing any money instead of an Agent to refer your friends; after every 10 successful registration, you will earn  ₹100 rupees.

Let me tell you a secret obey the following steps:

  • Open your chrome browser on Incognito mode entry any Email number you want.
  • Click on the new verification code.
  • Confirm your password twice.
  • Click on register now, and it’s done.
New Mobile Media

Using this method, I am earning ₹5000 a day, and I believe you can do it two; just work hard; it’s possible because I am doing it, this is the best Work from home jobs Delhi you can find anywhere.


So, here we are at the end of our Work from home jobs Delhi job on the NMM website, now the only thing that I can say is don’t just call it fraud or scam by not using it at all, try it once see it by yourself. If you don’t like it then call it whatever you can but try it once to know the real truth and believe me after trying this work-from-home job you won’t regret it.

 I hope that this article was useful for you, and If you have any other suggestions or questions, then don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below and we’ll be sure to check them out.

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