I wished I knew these BEFORE I updated to Windows 11! Should I install Windows 11 or not?

Should you install Windows 11 or not? It is a million-dollar question! First of all, Windows 10 is a wonderfully optimized system it was released on 29 July 2015. After its release, Windows 10 improved its optimization and became Microsoft’s best operating system of all time.

You may hear that Windows 11 is very buggy, and you should not update, but is it all real? To find this answer, I upgraded my AMD Ryzen 5 Hp Desktop to Windows 11. I have been using Windows 11 for almost one month and gained a good idea about this operating system. So I think now I can tell you Should I install Windows 11 or not?

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Things that I wished I knew these BEFORE I updated to Windows 11!

I must say that I love the Interface design of Windows 11 it’s new and refreshing and looks really good. But here are a few things that you should know-

1. Problem with AMD CPU:

If you are running an AMD CPU and love to play games or multitask on your PC or Laptop, please do not update to Windows 11. AMD and Microsoft both confirmed that AMD users suffer 3-5% performance issues, which will affect a 10-15% frame drop in every game.

To address this issue, I run GTA V, FIFA 22, Battlefield 5, Far Cry 3 these games, and I noticed after the upgrade in GTA V, fps (frames per second) dropped up to 15%, but in FIFA 22 fps drops to more than 20%. So, you can clearly understand that updating to Windows 11 is not a very wise decision for anyone. Microsoft said there going to be updated to fix this error. To this date, I have received one update on my AMD desktop, but It didn’t solve the problem.

I wished I knew these BEFORE I updated to Windows 11! Should I install Windows 11 or not?

Problem with AMD CPU: Click here

2. Problem with Intel:

If you are using Intel connecting software to connect your network, your internet will hold off upgrading the system. A confirmed bug directly affects some of Intel’s killer and smart bike networking software, which causes Windows 11 PC’s performance to be reduced.

Personally, I got affected by it because my internet package is 250 megabits per second download speed. At first, I was a bit suspicious; I knew that my downloading speed was not up to the mark after when I ran a test, then I saw my downloading speed was not even close to my package even when it was connected to it ethernet or WIFI. Thankfully Microsoft confirmed that issue and assured us that it would fix in the next update.


3. Memory Leak:

I recognize that in Windows 11, there is a file explorer issue; the issue is it does not release the memory back in the system. In every Computer, regardless of any operating system, when you open up an app, it uses bits of memory, and when you close the app, it releases bits of the memory and fills that gap.

I know it’s a bit complicated to hear, but in Windows 11, when I open up multiple file explorers, the bits of memory used to open up any app do not release the memory. In short, because of it, your Computer becomes a bit laggy.

4. Search Typing Issue:

It is a bit weird issue, but I faced this issue a couple of times after upgrading from Windows 10. The problem is when I click on the start button and try to search for something by typing, nothing gets typed. This is not an issue for searching any documents, but it’s affecting my workflow.
So, just like the problem solution, it is also a bit weird; to solve this issue, you have to press Windows + R, and if it’s not solved, just restart your computer, the problem will be solved.

What is the Future for windows 10?

I know some of you may think now we have Windows 11, but what will happen to Windows? You may think I don’t want to install Windows 11 but, Will I get any updates on Windows 10?

To answer all these questions Microsoft released a statement saying in Windows 11, there will be semi-annual updates but in Windows 10, it will be a single annual update. Microsoft is bound to support Windows 10 for 2025, and it will remain to give updates during that time.

What is the Future for windows 10?

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So, what did we learn about Windows 11? Should I install Windows 11 or not? The short and simple answer is NO! not right now. Windows 11 is currently full of bugs, and I am sure that it will annoy you because it irritates me, and I don’t want you guys to face any problem whatsoever.

 I hope that this article was useful for you, and If you have any other suggestions or questions, then don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below and we’ll be sure to check them out.

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